Every year a SIANI secretariat organizes a assembly so a members have a possibility to correlate with any other in chairman and to yield submit for a work-plan of a year ahead. This time we chose Migration, Agriculture and Rural Development as a thesis for a Annual Meeting. At a eventuality we will try opposite measure of emigration and we entice we to simulate on this critical subject together.

Migration is a flourishing tellurian materialisation and many countries are concurrently countries of origin, transformation and end for migrants. Conflicts, assault and healthy disasters are among a base causes of emigration and forced displacement. Many migrants are compelled to pierce since of socio-economic factors, including poverty, food insecurity, miss of practice opportunities, singular entrance to amicable protection, healthy apparatus lassitude and a inauspicious impacts of environmental plunge and meridian change. As economies bear constructional mutation and a farming zone becomes comparatively smaller, a transformation of people within and opposite countries is inevitable.

Migration should be a choice, not a necessity. International team-work can assistance to understanding with  a drivers behind vast movements of people and emanate conditions for communities to live in assent and wealth in their homelands.

Agricultural growth can residence a base causes of migration, including farming poverty, food insecurity, inequality, unemployment, miss of amicable insurance as good as healthy apparatus lassitude due to environmental plunge and meridian change.

Investing in tolerable farming development, meridian change instrumentation and volatile farming livelihoods is a essential partial of a tellurian response to a stream emigration challenge. Agriculture and farming growth interventions can assistance horde communities and replaced people to cope with and redeem from shocks and lay a foundations for long-term sustainability.

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