VI Global Conference on Family Farming

World Rural Forum is organising a VI Global Conference on Family Farming entitled: “A Decade to urge a lives of Family Farmers”. The eventuality will be hold between 25 and 30 Mar 2019 in a city of Derio-Bilbao, Basque Country, Spain. It will move together member from Farmers Organisations and other Civil Society organisations, Governments, International Organisations, Research Centres and Cooperatives from opposite a 5 continents. The Conference will be a basic eventuality of a rising of a Decade of Family Farming 2019-2028

The objectives of a VI Global Conference are as follows:

  • Contribute to pattern a central Decade Agenda for a national, informal and tellurian levels by building peculiarity inputs for a Action Plan of a Decade of Family Farming.
  • Facilitate dialogue, new partnerships and a impasse of new actors in a Decade (governments, farmers organizations, general organizations, farming associations, cooperatives, investigate centers, other CSOs, etc), to foster a doing of a above mentioned Agenda.
  • Raise recognition on a elemental significance of Family Farming for amiability and foster a Decade of Family Farming as a pivotal apparatus for a SDGs fulfilment.
  • Encourage a growth and doing of open policies in preference of Family Farming that minister to a feat of a Decade’s bulletin within a SDG framework.
  • Enhance mechanisms and platforms for process dialogue, quite a National Committees for Family Farming.
  • Strengthen Family Farming organizations by exchanges of knowledge, information and experience.

The Conference will be hold in a Hotel Seminario Bilbao, in Derio (Basque Country, Spain).

For some-more information about a Conference, please revisit a WRF website or write to: wrfconference[at]ruralforum[dot]org

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