13th European IFSA Symposium: Farming systems confronting uncertainties and enhancing opportunities

The 13th European Farming Systems Symposium (IFSA – European Group) will be hold in a Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania, and hosted by a Lab. of Agricultural Extension, Rural Systems Rural Sociology, Dept. of Agricultural Economics Rural Development, Agricultural University of Athens.

For this Symposium, we acquire a farrago of perspectives on tillage systems and opposite narratives of pathways. We would quite like to attract researchers and practitioners from both healthy and amicable scholarship backgrounds who are new to systems meditative and who might be means to minister constructively to sharp-witted debates on how we can pattern and broach some-more tolerable tillage and provision systems for a future.

Registration closes Jun 8th. For some-more information click here

Article source: https://www.gfar.net/events/13th-european-ifsa-symposium-farming-systems-facing-uncertainties-and-enhancing-opportunities

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