GFAR / GODAN / CTA / KTBL e-consultation on ethical, authorised and process aspects of open information inspiring farmers

The Global Forum on Agricultural Research and Innovation (GFAR), the Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition initiative (GODAN), the Technical Center for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA) and the Kuratorium für Technik und Bauwesen in der Landwirtschaft (KTBL) entice we to an e-consultation on ethical, authorised and process aspects of open information inspiring smallholder farmers. The forum will take place on a e-Agriculture height from 4 compartment 8 Jun 2018. You can entrance it here.

Data-driven cultivation is approaching to boost rural prolongation and productivity. It can assistance farmers adjust to or lessen a effects of meridian change. It can also pierce about some-more mercantile and fit use of healthy resources, revoke risk and urge resilience in farming, and make agri-food marketplace bondage most some-more efficient. However, smallholder farmers in building countries are not harnessing a energy of open data. This is due to a series of hurdles and risks that make it formidable to safeguard digital investments advantage them. The dual categorical hurdles are, firstly, problem accessing applicable information and services supposing by others and, secondly, creation certain that any information they share does not indeed break their positions. These hurdles change in inlet (technical, capacity, policy).

Nonetheless, prior discussions and new investigate have suggested that a ethical, authorised and process aspects associated to farmers’ accessing and regulating accessible data, as good as pity their possess data, are now seen as pivotal to lenient farmers by regulations, agreements and an enabling authorised and process environment.

This is because this e-consultation focuses on ethical, authorised and process aspects of open information inspiring farmers.

The objectives of this e-consultation are to:

a) clearly brand a ethical, authorised and process gaps that now forestall information from benefiting smallholder farmers;

b) regulating unsentimental examples, give a transparent design of what a preferred scenarios would be by 2030 for a policy, authorised and reliable ecosystem that helps farmers advantage from data-driven agriculture;

c) pierce behind in time from these scenarios, brand long-term changes indispensable compared to a stream scenario;

d) prove petrify short-term stairs to be taken to pierce towards a preferred scenarios.

The contention will be orderly around 5 questions, with any day dedicated to one question. The conclusions of this e-consultation will feed into a high-level consultant conference that will take place in July. This face-to-face conference will build on prior discussions and publications, as good as this online consultation, and will in spin set an actionable devise for a future. This will assistance safeguard a follow-up to a conversation, creation your views really valuable.

UPDATE: a final news of a online consutation is accessible here.

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