GFAR / GODAN / CTA webinar "Data and Agri-food Systems: Past, Present and Future"

Presenter: Ajit Maru
Thursday 10 May 2018, 2pm CEST

Webinar held. Recording accessible here:

As partial of a work on farmers’ rights to information and following adult on a face-to-face march on Farmers’ Access to Data orderly in Centurion in Nov 2017, GFAR continues a partnership with a Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition beginning (GODAN) and a Technical Center for Agricultural and Rural Cooperarion (CTA) on a array of webinars on data-driven agriculture, a opportunities and a challenges.

The presenter of this webinar is Ajit Maru.

Overview of a webinar

Agriculture has always been information driven, i.e. information (and information) shaped a basement for planning, cultivating and harvesting their farms and selling their tillage products.
Agricultural societies, with a buttress of their economies being food production, grown their possess information ecosystems to conduct information around their many vicious resources such as H2O and land. The need to classify a many effective use of their vicious rural resources, these societies many-sided and orderly as possibly Nation-states or City-states. The fortitude of a governance of these societies was around a need to conduct a information and information around apparatus use for food prolongation that could be taxed and to foresee either there would be adequate to feed a people or there would be a over-abundance that could be used to benefit even some-more resources such as by war.

In this Webinar, Ajit Maru proposes a horizon of information ecosystems that forms, along with those for financial and transformation of commodities, a ancillary pillars of Agri-food systems. This horizon has:

  • Policies associated to a purpose of cultivation and Agri-food systems and in a support a information and information complement to support this purpose
  • Strategies to comprehend a routine objectives
  • Supporting Institutions that includes:
    • Rules, Norms, Regulations and Regulatory mechanisms
    • Standards to collect, collate, store, communicate, process, investigate and appreciate a information into information
    • Structures for routine making, implementing strategies, legislation and order making, coercion and law of manners and standards, growth of standards and enabling sharing, sell and use of information and information
  • Infrastructure such as for collection, comparison and processing, communication, pity and sell of information and information
  • Capacities including tellurian skills to generate, process, promulgate and effectively use information and information.

He will illustrate and plead a horizon with examples such as of ancient Egypt, Intensification of tillage in a final century and a “Amul” Dairy indication in India grown in a 1970s.
His importance will be on information ecosystems that are now indispensable for a rising globalized Agri-food systems where information and information in further to being vicious resources are also vicious products. The efficiencies of destiny Agri-food systems will count on their government of information and information. In a Webinar, he will introduce and plead models for building information ecosystems that will support destiny Agri-food systems.

About a presenter

ajit Ajit Maru, Ph.D., grew adult in Kenya, complicated veterinary sciences in India and has served a Indian Council of Agricultural Research, National Dairy Development Board of India, International Service for National Agricultural Research, Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology and a Global Forum on Agricultural Research/FAO in his veteran career travelling roughly 40 years. He has contributed to several initiatives associated to rural information and information government including CIARD and a Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition (GODAN). He now follows his life prolonged seductiveness in bargain and improving a livelihoods of smallholder farmers. At a moment, in further to advocacy on government and use of rural data, information and knowledge, he is ancillary growth of a height to support smallholder farmers of Gujarat, India, in their tillage and appearance in markets

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