Emergency involvement for beef ‘sidelined’ as concentration shifts to ‘targeted payment’

Emergency involvement for beef ‘sidelined’ as concentration shifts to ‘targeted payment’

In a context of a unfinished (no-deal) Brexit, a Department of Agriculture, Food and a Marine is now environment a sights on targeted EU financial aids for a beef sector, rather than intervention, AgriLand understands.

Despite vigour from plantation bodies to secure beef involvement measures forward of a UK’s depart and intensity crash-out of a EU on Mar 29 but a withdrawal agreement, it is believed that a Minister for Agriculture Michael Creed does not consider involvement as a best apparatus with that to proceed.

In a box of a tough (no-deal) Brexit, EU involvement on beef would fundamentally outcome in holding a product – in this box approximately 250,000t of Irish beef is exported to a UK annually – and putting it into cold storage. In other words, a pierce that would radically postpone a market.

And so, it is accepted that a concentration is now bound on well-developed assist options underneath a Common Market Organisation (CMO) horizon where a targeted remuneration support for beef could potentially be weighted on a border of a cost dump if a no-deal Brexit ensues.

Although no specific figure has been tabled on this intensity support mechanism, a Irish Farmers’ Association has formerly claimed that for any 5c/kg change in cattle prices, farmers would need a €20/head approach remuneration support.


In a statement, a orator for Minister Creed summarized a department’s position on what it considers a many useful and fit fortitude to strengthen a beef zone from a probable WTO-style Brexit outcome.

“Intervention is accessible for fresh/chilled beef, butter and skimmed divert powder. The elect acts as a customer of final resort, charity to buy a singular volume for a set price.

At a stream anxiety cost (fixed by EU Council Regulation during €2,224/t) involvement would not yield adequate support for a beef cost collapse.

“The CMO Regulation also provides for well-developed assist measures to conduct critical marketplace disturbances.

“These well-developed assist measures were used, for example, to support farmers in a Baltic member states, when a Russian embargo unexpected cut off their categorical marketplace in 2014.

In these cases, a volume of EU assist postulated was weighted formed on a border of a cost drop, a turn of bearing to a influenced marketplace and a detriment of value of exports.

Although a fortitude on an acceptable withdrawal agreement opposite all parties – a EU, UK and Ireland – stays distant from strech – quite due to a uphold maze in Northern Ireland – it is accepted that a probable doing of an puncture targeted remuneration would concede beef to continue flowing into a UK if a probable new destiny trade attribute was to be determined between a sides.

Last month, a European Commission endorsed that EU law provides for a accumulation of instruments to cope with a many evident effects of a withdrawal of a UK – quite in a no-deal scenario.

It has settled that a CMO law provides for a variety of marketplace supports that can offer a singular reserve net for commodity products.

These include: involvement aids; private storage; and well-developed assist measures in sequence to conduct critical marketplace disturbances.

Article source: https://www.agriland.ie/farming-news/beef-price-intervention-sidelined-as-focus-shifts-to-targeted-payment/

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