Retirement sale sees peculiarity residential plantation in 4 healthy groups on a market

Retirement sale sees peculiarity residential plantation in 4 healthy groups on a market

A residential plantation comprising c.33ac of land is now for sale at Carhoogarriff, Leap, west Cork.

The villages of Leap and Rosscarbery are both reduction than a 10-minute expostulate from a property; both yield for bland amenities.

Munster’s premier plantation machinery, apparatus and agricultural services uncover – a Spring Farm Machinery Show – in Cork is due to take place on January 16 during 12.00pm at The Green Glens Area, Millstreet, Cork.

Daniel Lehane, of Lehanes and Associates Ltd, is now looking after a sale. It is on a marketplace as a stream owners is retiring.

Lots for sale

The infancy of a plantation is in permanent pasture and laid out in 4 healthy divisions.

Lot 1 is on c.10.5ac and includes a farmhouse. According to Daniel, a plot, that is located around a farmhouse, is “nice land, turn and south facing”.

The farmhouse itself is a three-bedroom, two-storey house. It is a traditional, appealing farmhouse and structurally it is in really good condition.

However, a inside needs some refurbishment, though altogether would simply be reclaimed behind into good condition.

The remaining plots embody Lot 2, that is c.11.5ac and Lot 3, that is 11ac.

Commenting on Lot 3, Daniel said: “It was once good land, however, it is now lonesome in gorse underbrush and is a tiny neglected. It would be ideal to have it scrapped off and reseeded.”

Detailing a relapse of a whole 33ac, 22ac was described as really good land, while 7ac is potentially good and matched to planting, while 4ac is best matched to forestry.

The plantation is for sale in a entirety, or in Lots 1-3.

Further information

The plantation is in a nice, good location, according to Daniel. However, given a house, it would fit a hobby rancher or a tiny industry, or even as a good book to an existent farm.

Considering that it is only on a market, there have been a few internal enquiries; however, what with a appealing farmhouse, Daniel expects there to be abroad seductiveness – there have been some calls to date.

The stream beam cost is €325,000. Further information can be found online.

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