EU selling standards for agri products – open conference underway

The European Commission has launched a open consultation, that aims to accumulate views for a probable rider of a EU selling standards for rural products.

Marketing standards settle a peculiarity of products that are marketed to consumers. For rural products, this covers mutation or distance classification, presentation, labelling, packaging, etc., though product specifications might also hold on routine and prolongation methods.

Marketing standards set minimum-quality mandate for products that are traded and sole to consumers and mention a characteristics of products that are sole regulating specific terms (e.g. ‘free range’ for ornithology products).


The open conference targets operators in a food-supply sequence such as producers, traders, retailers, and their associations, consumers, civil-society organisations, and inhabitant authorities.

It will “address a intensity of selling standards to boost a supply of tolerable products, and to streamline stream legislation”.

Review of selling standards

Announced in a Farm to Fork strategy, a examination follows an altogether analysis routine of a EU selling standards laid down in a common marketplace organisation, a ‘breakfast directives’ and Commission acts.

The ‘breakfast directives’ are a series of directives substantiating manners on description, definition, characteristics and labelling of a series of rural and food products customarily consumed for breakfast, hence a name.

Adopted in May 2020 by a Commission, a Farm to Fork plan aims to accelerate a transition to tolerable food systems.

It includes a design for selling standards ‘to safeguard a uptake and supply of tolerable products’.

The consultation is open for 12 weeks, from Jun 8 to Aug 31, 2021.

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