Dalevalley sky-high protein sale achieves tip cost of 10,500gns

Last Wednesday (June 9), Carnaross Mart hosted a Dalevalley sky-high protein dairy sale, for Roy and Heather Cromie, with 27 lots on offer from a Dalevalley herd.

In total, a sale consisted of 53 lots, with a other 26 lots entrance from a Ardnasalem and Happy herd, a Glaslough herd, a Greenlea flock and a Hallow herd.

The sale contained 50 females and 3 bulls comprising:

  • Four creatively calved heifers;
  • Eleven springing heifers;
  • Served and bulling heifers;
  • Autumn and spring-born heifer calves;
  • Three tact bulls prepared for work.

Dalevalley sale auctioneers comments

To benefit some discernment into this sale, Agriland spoke with a auctioneer Michael Taaffe of Taaffe Auctions.

Speaking to Taaffe after a sale, he stated: ”We saw a superb trade during a sale on Wednesday (June 9) with good general interest, with online buyers purebred from all over Ireland and good seductiveness from England, Scotland and Wales.

“[The] tip cost of 10,500gns was for lot 26, Hallow Diamondback Twizzle 1591, innate in April 2020 from Hallow’s famous Twizzle cow family.

”Her dam was Breed and Inter-Breed Champion during Royal Ulster Agricultural Society (RUAS) Balmoral Show in 2019 and her dam’s full sister was Champion during a Italian National Show 2016.

”Her gran-dam is Hallow Advent Twizzle 3 ET (EX96- 4 year old) – Baileys Champion and a usually Irish cow to multiply 3 (EX- second calved) daughters.

”She was bought by Anthony Wills of Wadebridge, Cornwall, England, for his eminent Willsbro herd,” he added.

Twizzle family

”The Twizzle family also granted a second top cost on a day of 9,800gns, paid for lot 11 ,Hallow Octain Twizzle 1597 ET, again innate [in] Apr 2020,” Michael added.

”This heifer is a final ever heifer from a Bailey’s Champion cow Hallow Advent Twizzle 3 ET (EX96-four year old) and was purchased by Alan and Leeann Paul, for their Slatabogie flock in Maghera, Northern Ireland.

”Red and white heifers continued to be in good direct with corner third top cost of 7,400gns going to lot 10, Dalevalley Maze Apple Red ET a Dec 2020-born heifer from a universe famous Apple cow family. She was purchased by a Co. Limerick breeder.

”Top cost longhorn was 2,900gns, paid for a Sep 2020 Red and white longhorn Greenlea Kido Red ET from Padraic Greenan,” Michael concluded.

Average prices from a sale:

  • 34 Females averaged 4,084gns; 
  • Six Twizzle females normal 7,300gns;
  • Three Bulls averaged 2,000gns.

Pic and prices

Image source: Taaffe auctions
Lot 13: Dalevalley Secretary Apple ET
Sold for 4,300gns
Image source: Taaffe auctions
Lot 15: Hallow Awesome Twizzle
Sold for 7,400gns
Image source: Taaffe auctions
Lot 29: Hallow Crushball Abrakzoo
Sold for 4,300gns
Image source: Taaffe auctions
Lot 30: Aladdin Jodie
Sold for 4,700gns
Image source: Taaffe auctions
Lot 34: Dalevalley Jordy Hot Red EY
Sold for 5,100gns
Image source: Taaffe auctions
Lot 46: Hallow Crushtime Twizzle
Sold for 4,800gns

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