FRS story over 40 years recounted in new book

A new book environment out a story and story of Farm Relief Services (FRS) over a final 40 years has been launched.

‘From Farm Relief Services to FRS Network – The Journey over 40 Years‘ was created and gathered by Peter Byrne, CEO of FRS Network, who has been during a helm of a FRS mild from a outset.

Launched during a staff eventuality in Roscrea, Co. Tipperary, a book includes contributions from several employees, cabinet members and other compared personnel, with photos portraying a company’s 40 year journey.

It traces a foundations of FRS and how it grew into a vital amicable craving mild that employs 2,000 opposite a nation with an annual turnover of approximately €100 million.

The book outlines Macra na Feirme’s impasse in environment adult use milking groups and a investigate conducted into plantation use services abroad, that played their partial in removing FRS off a belligerent in 1980.

It goes on to concentration on a many new and innovative services introduced to this nation by a organisation, such as leg care; a initial sheep and cow scanning services; solidify branding; machine rings and a rubbish plantation cosmetic collection service.

It also highlights a expansion of other services and schemes to support farmers, including a origination of a Farmers’ Accident and Sickness Scheme (FASS) and a Members’ Benefit Scheme (MBS).

FRS bookFRS book

The diversification into other business areas is also traced in a book, with a expansion of FRS Fencing; FRS Recruitment; FRS Training; Herdwatch; Turas Nua and FRS Business Services.

The purpose of FRS in a village and opposite a operation of opposite events is featured. The mild ethos and values are highlighted, including a pivotal purpose played by a house of government over a years.

FRS book launch

Speaking during a launch of a book, National Co-op Farm Relief Services (NCFRS) chairman, Francis Fitzgerald, pronounced he knew that Peter was a chairman to write a book as he was during a helm of a organization from a really start.

“Peter has such high integrity, care and forthright. He has given his all to FRS over a years and has finished further with a book,” he said.

“Having review a articles by many contributors, it is transparent to me that everybody has good honour and pleasure during what has been achieved in a past 40 years. The book is a story of FRS and a bequest to Peter.

“One of a things that we wanted to do with a book was to make it a organisation effort.

“The book includes a gathering of stories that were created by stream and former staff members; former cabinet and house members; people who were concerned in a environment adult of internal offices and internal plantation use groups right via a country.

“We put all of those stories together into one book and that is really most a approach we wanted it since FRS wouldn’t be where it is now though being a organisation effort. It’s a story of all those people and that’s what we wanted to record in a book.”

40 years of memories

Highlights over a years, Peter said, enclosed securing appropriation from dairy co-ops, a girl practice organisation and a dialect of cultivation in a really early days to get FRS off a ground.

Other highs enclosed securing inhabitant contracts such as Teagasc and a dialect of practice affairs and amicable protection; amalgamations within a organisation and saying a diversification into fencing, recruitment, training, Herdwatch and Turas Nua, and their expansion and success, he said.

“The lows were a beforehand deaths of some good people we worked with over a years. Other low points were a few innovations that we introduced though that didn’t attain to a border we had expected,” Peter added.

Peter skeleton to retire from his stream purpose in Feb 2022, when he will be succeeded by Colin Donnery, now ubiquitous manager, FRS Recruitment.

Copies of a book will be distributed to contributors to a FRS story opposite a country. It can also be review on a online flip book accessible on a FRS Network website.

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