Camus plantation capitalises on scenic location

The 30ac Camus organic farm in west Cork capitalises on a scenic plcae and vicinity to beaches, by incorporating all from a restaurant, to song sessions.

Vic Sprake, who worked on a dairy plantation as a teenager, returned to tillage during a age of 40. He bought Camus plantation – that is centered on 3 vast mill buildings dating from 1850 – in 2007, and converted it to an organic system, progressing a suckler flock of around 30 Dexter cattle.

Initially, he sole a beef in Clonakilty marketplace and granted several internal restaurants. Now he sells from his plantation emporium and serves it in a on-farm grill ‘The Field Kitchen’ that non-stop final May.

Camus Farm

Wild camping has been accessible during Camus farm, that is situated 6km from Clonakilty, from a start, with landscaped pitches combined in 2017. Facilities are upgraded annually.

Music sessions and performances have been hosted given 2007.

“We have hosted countless activities in support of internal festivals including Clonakilty bike festival; Clonakilty guitar festival; Clonakilty games festival; Clonakilty old-fashioned fair; Cork backgammon tournament; Clonakilty St. Patrick’s Day parade; Clonakilty Samhain celebration; and Clonakilty Bealtaine celebration,” pronounced Vic.

“We hosted outside concerts on-farm each Sunday dusk by summers given 2018.”

Workshops and classes have been hold on Camus plantation given 2007. The concentration has been on farming crafts including willow basketry, macrame and felting, along with contentment classes such as yoga, imagining and village singing.

Nature trails were combined in 2020.

“Last year has been a busiest year to date as people increasingly value a healthy universe and find outside activities such as camping, workshops, walking and dining, as restrictions have allowed.

“In 2022, we will be accessible for private sinecure for events such as hand-fastings, fixing ceremonies and birthday celebrations. We will also be introducing guest chefs for special feast nights over winter,” Vic concluded.

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