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About us

Eram Gol Parse company has started its activities since 2002 with the aim of developing the country’s agriculture and horticulture industry and scientific and economic production and providing services to the country’s agricultural providers. Since 2009, this company has represented successful companies such as Quantum of America, Horti seeds of the Netherlands, Green pearls seeds of the Netherlands, Forbis of Turkey, Nova agro seeds of Spain, Trust seeds of Jordan, Miller seeds of Thailand and… and its activities in the field of It has developed the supply of hybrid and standard vegetable seeds. Since the same year, this company started cultivating different hybrid and standard seeds by using experimental farms in different parts of the country.

Among the products that have been cultivated in this field are: tomatoes, lettuce, onions, turnips, types of melons, watermelons, cucumbers (outdoors and greenhouses), onions, carrots, bell peppers, pumpkins and Corn and other vegetables, from among which, high-quality and popular seeds were selected by the producers and reached the stage of commercial production. Eram Gol Parse company is also the representative of the most reliable European manufacturers in the field of agricultural fertilizers, among which we can mention the Sico company of Belgium, which by having very high quality products can meet many nutritional needs of producers in To produce a healthy product with high quality and performance.


Also, Eram Gol Parse company is an importer and supplier of bulbs and plants of lilium, tulip, hyacinth, gladiolus, iris and rose and anthurium cuttings. It is one of the best Dutch companies such as p.Aker Soloplant, Deruiter, Flowr and Bulb Association Moerheim, Vandenbos, and… Eram Gol Parse company, having the most experienced specialists in horticultural sciences, is a consultant in your production projects in the fields of greenhouse management and cultivation of all kinds of ornamental plants in greenhouses and outdoors. In line with the goals of Eram Gol Parse company, providing some technical services in the field of agriculture is also among the activities of this company:

Design of greenhouse structures and greenhouse systems Providing a planting plan and monitoring the planting of bushes and onions Regular visits by experts to producers’ greenhouses Checking weather conditions according to the type of product Checking the water and soil analysis of the production site Providing soil formulation for soil cultivation and media formulation for hydroponic cultivation Calculating the water requirement of the product and providing accurate nutrition formulation in different stages of plant growth Regular visits by experts to producers’ greenhouses