Our goal is to provide Iranian nuts and dried fruits with the best quality. Our products include raisins, pistachios, dates, figs and saffron. All our products are in accordance with Iran’s health regulations. We believe that health and quality should be in the best possible way; Therefore, by using well-equipped devices and professional experts, we have been able to take all the necessary measures to fully ensure the quality of the products. Our products can be supplied in bulk, small and large packages according to the request of our dear customers. Also, you can use the complete information and suggestions of our consultants regarding the purchase of nuts and dried fruits.

Haj Akbari Pistachio

Haj Akbari pistachio is large and almond-shaped, similar to Ahmad Aghaei pistachio. But it is darker.

Its birthplace in Iran is in the province of Kerman and the city of Rafsanjan.

This pistachio is available in various sizes: 20/18, 22/20, 24/22, and 26/24.



Pistachio Ahmad Aghaei

Ahmed Aghaei pistachio is one of the elongated and big pistachio that is almond shaped.

This type of pistachio has a whiter shell than its counterparts.

This pistachio is available in various sizes: 22/24, 24/26, 26/28, 28/30, and 32/30.


round pistachios

Round pistachio or hazelnut is another type of pistachio that grows in Iran. It looks like a hazelnut and the reason for its name is the same; which is known more by the name of Fondhi.

This type of pistachio is available in various sizes: 26/28, 28/30, and 32/34.


Jumbo Pistachio

The large size of the jumbo pistachio or ram’s head has made it famous. The time to harvest such pistachios is mid-September or mid-September. This pistachio is available in various sizes: 20/18, 22/20, 24/22, and 26/24.


Piarom date

Pyaram dates are often known as Maryami in most places. Pyaram dates have a thin, dark brown skin and are widely known as one of the tastiest types of semi-dry dates. The maximum production of Pyaram dates is in Haji Abad region of Hormozgan province in the south of Iran. The Pyaram date has a very thin and dark brown skin that is completely connected to the mantle of this date. The appearance of this date looks very good and the process of washing it can be done completely. The main sugar found in Pyaram dates is fructose, which is quickly and easily used in the body’s metabolism. Those who have consumed this date once; Usually, due to the excellent and hearty taste and high nutritional properties of such dates, they have become regular regular consumers.

Mozafati date

Mazafati date or Bam date is one of the most famous and different kinds of Iranian date fruit. This kind of date is dark, soft, fleshy, sweet and succulent. They are a medium sized date, typically around 2.5-4.5cm, and have a relatively high moisture content of 32-35% that should be kept in the refrigerator. They are best consumed as fresh dates.


Zahedi dates

Zahedi dates are one of the types of dried dates in Iran; In some areas, it is also known as semi-dry dates. This date is known as Qasb in some regions. This date has a moisture content of less than 14% and has a golden yellow color. The storage period and the time limit for its consumption at a temperature of 25 degrees Celsius is about 18 months. This date is oval in shape and its edges are narrower. Zahedi dates can be stored all year round


Raisins are actually dried grapes, especially dried white grapes, which are a rich source of vitamins and minerals such as iron, potassium, calcium, and B vitamins. Raisins have strong antioxidant properties. The fibers in raisins prevent colon cancer and prevent the abnormal growth of cells. Consuming raisins also helps control blood sugar. The main producers of raisins are the United States of America, Turkey and Iran, respectively. Iranian raisins are available in different colors and are different based on the drying method. Dark, golden, sultani and green raisins are different types of Iranian raisins. Our company is able to provide all kinds of these raisins based on the customer’s request.


dried fig

Dried figs are used as a nut and are rich in minerals such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, copper and other vital vitamins such as A, K and E, which help to maintain the health and fitness of the body. . Hempnin, dried figs are used in the preparation of many foods such as cakes, sweets, compotes and syrups. The main producers of figs are the United States of America, Turkey and Iran, respectively. Dried figs are prepared based on different grades, which are named as A, AA, 101A, 101AA, 101AAA, and B.



Saffron is a small perennial plant that has become one of the most expensive spices in the world due to its high demand and limited production. About 95% of the world’s saffron comes from Iran. There are different types and grades of saffron, and its quality varies a lot, so this product is priced accordingly. This company is able to provide pure and high quality saffron.

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