Eram Gol Parse importer of 100% natural and organic coconut is one of the leading producers in India and Sri Lanka. Cocopit is a type of cultivation substrate that is prepared using the fibers of the skin and covering of the coconut fruit. After washing, drying and compressing its fibers, it is marketed in 5 kg molds. In fact, cocopeat fibers have a unique ability to withstand high compression without losing their useful structure. Not only can cocopeat be used to improve soil, but it can also be used in 100% soilless growing environments. The method of using it is that each coconut mold can be placed in a container containing 8-10 liters of water (to be rich in coconut, add food water as well) and after separating from each other, pure or pure It is used together with perlite. Each 5 stone block can be converted from 0 to 75 cocopit lira ready to use.